Apples, pears and stone fruit

appels,pere en steenvrugte

ZZ2 farms with apples and pears in Ceres (Western Cape) for the local and export market and with apples, pears and stone fruit in the Langkloof (Eastern Cape). These fruit are only in season for 28 weeks from November to May. We use ad valorem commission agents (Core Fruit) to distribute our products locally and overseas.

For more information, visit Core Fruit.


  • Apples

    Panorama Golden, Royal Gala, Royal Beaut, Starking, Top Red, Golden Delicious, Early Red One, Breaburn, Fuji, Granny Smith and Pink Lady.

  • Pears

    Early Bon Cretien, Clapps Favourite, Starcrimson, Rosemarie, Bon Cretien, Flamingo, Bon Rouge, Packhams, Comice, Buerre Bosch and Forelle.

  • Plums

    Laetitia, Songold.

  • Peaches
  • Nectarines

    August Red.

  • Apricots


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