ZZ2 Afrikado varieties



  • Smooth thin green skin
  • Creamy green flesh


  • Medium to large fruit – 300g

Known for

  • Pear shape
  • Easy pealing
  • Medium seed



  • Pebbly, thick but supple skin
  • Pale green flesh with creamy texture


  • Small to medium — 80 – 350g

Known for

  • Oval-shape
  • Small to medium seed
  • Easy peeling
  • Great taste



  • Medium thick green skin with slight pebbling
  • Creamy, pale green flesh


Medium to large — 230- 550g

Known for

  • Long, pear-shape
  • Small seed
  • Excellent peeling characteristics
  • Great taste

Lamb Hass


  • Similar appearance
    to a Hass avocado
  • Oval shape
  • Medium-size seed


  • Large in size that ranges from 280 – 450g

Known for:

  • Pebbly skin with pale
    green flesh
  • Smooth, creamy, nutty taste
  • Symmetrical in shape;
    displays exceptionally well



  • Thick green skin with
    slight pebbling
  • Creamy flesh


  • Medium to large


Known for:

  • Round shape
  • Medium seed
  • Easy peeling
  • Good taste

Maluma Hass


  • Rough pebbly skin
  • Dark skin when ripe


  • Big to medium sized

Known for:

  • Small seed
  • South African variety
  • Nutty taste
  • Stays green longer once cut



  • Egg shape fruit
  • Slightly rough dark green skin that stays green coloured when ripe


  • Large – 300 – 500 g

Known for:

  • Late season variety
  • Creamy taste
  • Big seed
  • Mexican/ Guatemalan mix variety



  • Pebbly green skinned fruit


  • Small to average sized

Known for

  • Multiple harvests in a year
  • From the Hass family
  • Mexican in origin
  • Tasty
  • Bigger seed

Customer-value packaging

These exciting options are available on local fresh produce markets and supermarkets.


Our 1kg bag gives consumers the option to buy in bulk and save!

2-avocado and 4-avocado “boat tray”

Convenient to families who want to include avocado in their menu planning.

4kg- and 8kg-cardboard boxes

The 4kg or 8kg box is only available on fresh produce markets where produce is traded in bulk.

High and low altitude orchards

Houtbosdorp (Olyfberg)


  • High altitude orchards against the slopes of the Olyfberg mountain with cooler temperatures and rich soil.
  • Varieties: Fuerte, Hass, Lamb Hass, Reed, Edranol, Ettinger, Pinkerton and Ryan.
  • Production from June onwards to meet demand for avocados in latter part of year.
  • Known for excellent design in contouring to accommodate storm water in mountainous area.
  • Established and new orchards.


  • High altitude orchards on the slopes of the Magoebaskloof valley.
  • Varieties: Carmen, Edranol, Ettinger, Fuerte, Hass, Lamb Hass, Pinkerton, Reed, Ryan and Queen.
  • Production from May to November, providing consumer with late-season produce.
  • Expansion programme of plantings underway.


  • Low altitude production area which gives very early season produce from middle- end February to April.
  • Varieties: Fuerte, Carmen, Ettinger, Hass, Maluma and Pinkerton.
  • Farms are in low-lying subtropical areas with lower rainfall.
  • Experimental orchards to meet future consumer demands.

Tzaneen (Morgenson-plaas)

  • Low altitude production area with excellent peak season – April to June – yields.
  • Varieties: Fuerte, Hass, Maluma, Pinkerton, Ryan, Carmen and Ettinger.
  • Established and new orchards ensure continuous supply throughout season.
  • Ridge plant technology to establish roots.

Focused production

ZZ2 boasts a network of support services enabling focused production: Research and development are undertaken by full-time and consulting engineers, agronomists and technical teams.

Contouring and irrigation

  • Leaders in orchard design, land preparation and evaluation.
  • Orchards are designed digitally applying advanced technology and executed by technical teams.
  • Outstanding irrigation management combined with the ability to manipulate trees to achieve optimal harvest.
  • Ridge plant technology to establish roots.

Embrace nature

  • We farm according to Natuurboerdery® principles:Visit Natuurboerdery® for more information.
  • Pollination – intensive management of bees and cross pollination.


  • Healthy, productive trees.
  • Access to numerous cultivars and rootstocks.
  • Avocado nursery makes ZZ2 self-sufficient producing 150 000 trees annually.
  • Precision plant nutrition – trees are tested and compost and balanced nutrients are applied.
  • Pollination – intensive management of bees and cross-pollination.

Ripe and ready

  • Part science, part art, avocado ripening requires comprehensive knowledge of the fruit and years of experience.
  • We have a ripening facility in Lanseria, South Africa, where all avocados for the local market are sent before it is delivered to supermarkets.
  • All produce is ripened in line with customers’ (supermarket) specifications and needs.
  • Ripe avocados on the supermarket shelf give consumers the option to, within a 3-day-window, include it in their eating schedule.

Dedicated to meet customers’ needs

All our produce is washed and sorted by hand into our distinguishing yellow boxes according to size and class.

We have specialised facilities and equipment to handle the large volumes of avocados that flow through our pack-houses on their way to local markets, supermarkets and our clients in Europe, UK and Asia.

We work with customers to provide exactly the right packaging and the right level of ripeness.

Innovative and creative leadership

  • Flexible in meeting clients’ needs.
  • Understand UK, Europe and Asian markets.
  • Trained team of land assistants, engineers and agronomists
  • Development, job creation and customer value

Safe, ethical farming practices

Rainforest Alliance

Tesco Nurture

BRC (British Retail Consortium)


Global GAP


Established South African brand name for avocado.
In recognition of our heritage, Afrikado is a combination of words Africa and Avocado
Afrikado represents quality, equality, ethical practices, development and customer value

Makgoba Afrika is our new brand and is part of the Makgoba Trust, a partnership between ZZ2 and development of land in the Magoebaskloof Valley near Tzaneen.

Watch video on Makgoba/ ZZ2 partnership http://zz2.biz/sabc-report-zz2-makgoba-start-new-cooperation-makgoba-afrika/?lang=en

Quality and reliability

ZZ2 is a single producer. Therefore, when pallets arrive at a ripening facility in Europe or Asia, pallets will generally have been picked from the same orchard resulting in very consistent oil content or dry matter. There is no raising of pallets from various suppliers which leads to unequalled ripening.

Moisture content of our avocados are monitored prior to picking or export to adhere to regulations and ensure customer satisfaction.

From tree to table

We are committed to the entire journey of our avocados with our own fleet of trucks that deliver countrywide to supermarkets and to ports for export; meticulously keeping the cold chain.